Hüttenhaus Herdorf

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The theatre in the Hüttenhaus

The Hüttenhaus is the "parlour" of the town of Herdorf and an indispensable domicile for the diverse cultural activities of Herdorf's associations.

The Hüttenhaus theatre was built in 1953/54 by the former Friedrichshütte AG.

At the instigation of the culturally interested smelter director Dipl.-Ing. Heinz Berndt, the company built a staff house that was intended to serve the various needs of the employees. The "Hüttenhaus" was built in the immediate vicinity of the blast furnaces.

The generously equipped function room in the building was intended to give the workforce the opportunity to attend theatre and music performances.

On 1 May 1954, the house was opened with the play "Nathan the Wise" by Lessing in a production by the Ruhrfestspiele Bochum. Inspired by this performance, the then legal advisor of Friedrichshütte, former District Administrator Werner Zimmermann, suggested opening the theatre not only to the workforce, but also to the general public. To this end, the Kulturring Herdorf e.V. was founded in 1954.

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Large stage in historic theatre

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