Hagen Rether LIEBE

Rethers LIEBE is tragic, funny, painful, infectious

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Rethers LIEBE is tragic, funny, painful, infectious


"We can't save the world? Yes, who else can?" Hagen Rether does not offer his audience classic cabaret, but rather an associative game, a thought-provoking offer. The cabaret artist refuses to reduce complex contexts and social and political absurdities to mere punchlines. Scapegoating is not his thing either, because after all, it's not just "those at the top" who are responsible.

In great detail, Rether links the current with the forgotten, the close with the distant, questions, disputes, doubts. He thoroughly shakes up beliefs and exposes so-called factual constraints to laughter as collective fictions. With surprising comparisons, he entices the audience to change their perspective - to take a different look at the world, into the future, into the mirror, even to face uncomfortable truths. And he calls on us to free ourselves from our often instrumentalized fear and anger.

Rethers LIEBE is tragic, funny, painful, infectious: the constantly mutating program with the same title causes lasting dissatisfaction with simple explanations and encourages us to think and act for ourselves. For up to three and a half hours, the cabaret artist makes a passionate plea for enlightenment and compassion, against double standards and consumerist sausages: change is possible - if we want it.

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Im Sportzentrum 8
57610 Altenkirchen