Geschichten und Gedichte Abend mit Marco Spohr

Stories and poems about the adventure of love.

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Stories and poems about the adventure of love.


Stories and poems about the adventure of love. Texts by Erich Fried, Heinz Rudolf Kunze, Paulo Coelho, Hermann van Veen, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Charles Aznavour, among others

Oh yes, love...It takes us with matter where we are in life, no matter where we go, it always travels with us. The greatest stories and poems always talk about love. And now also the Hagen actor Marco Spohr:

Read and play about the euphoria, depth, bizarreness, happiness and depths of the greatest theme in literature and the most exciting adventure in life: love. He asks the provocative and legitimate question: Can men love?

And: Are there any limits to male Cupid that women can easily love away? Is it still appropriate to differentiate between women's ability to love and men's supposed inability to have passion? Do these differences even exist? When is love a great devotional emotion and when does it lead to a wonderful neurosis? Or is love just a product of excessive egocentricity? And why is it sometimes better to write about love than to say it?

Great men and women of contemporary historical literature almost pelted each other with declarations of love and with questions and answers about love. Goethe, Fontane, Wagner or Brecht - in addition to their great works, they were also true experts in writing love letters.

In a lively mixture of reading - the lively spoken word - and scene - i.e. the played word - this hour can do everything, but above all it should be one thing: a homage to love!

Venue:Vintage officeMain Street 1757548 churchesInlet:The Vintage Kontor is open on the day of the event.Start: May 4th at 7 p.mAdmission is (fairly) freely selectable, and at the end of the concert a hat goes through the rows for the artist.Cold drinks are available on site at nice prices.There are parking spaces in front of the door.Due to limited capacity, we ask that you register in advance free of charge.

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