Führung Grube Ypsilanta Dillenburg

140 m long pit in Oberscheld.

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Parking spaces available at the Oberscheld forest swimming pool


The 140 m long Ypsilanta mine in Oberscheld, which was once a water-solving gallery, can now be visited through a beautifully restored mouth hole. The Bergbau- und Feldbahnverein Schelderwald e. V. has created a gem of the construction history of the Schelderwald.

In complete darkness, the "Geleucht und dem Gezähe" (light and teeth) demonstrate the conditions under which miners had to work underground in those days. The typical tools of the miners, a collection of different ores and geological formations criss-crossed by ore veins can be seen.

The visitor gallery Grube Ypsilanta in Oberscheld is managed as a GeoPunkt in the GEOPARK Westerwald-Lahn-Taunus.

Guided tours on request!

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140 m long pit in Oberscheld.

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35688 Oberscheld