Fotoausstellung „Sehnsuchtsorte“ Dillenburg

Photo exhibition "Sehnsuchtsorte" (Places of longing)

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Photo exhibition "Sehnsuchtsorte" (Places of longing)


Places of longing - where should the journey take us?
Which places of memory do we dream ourselves back to?
How does distance come closer?
Travel, other cultures, the pulsating life of the big cities and the vastness of the seas are sources of inspiration.
Let eleven amateur photographers take you to their personal places of longing and invite you to "dream".

Exhibiting photographers:
Harald Hofmann,
Daniel Dietermann,
Jürgen Brieger,
Jörg Nordhausen,
Heiko Schaffner,
Peter Jesche,
Walter Heuser,
Claudius Warzecha,
Rainer Genehr,
Kruno Schmidt,
Karlheinz Schumacher

Translated by: www.deepl.com

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