A humorous evening for more personal and planetary health.


Eckart von Hirschhausen has ended his stage career to dedicate himself to the greatest health challenge of our time with his Healthy Earth - Healthy People Foundation: planetary health and the protection of our livelihoods. But he hasn't lost his sense of humour because of it. Nor has he lost his enjoyment of the stage. That's why he's coming to Montabaur - quite exceptionally - with lots of "encouragement for a healthier future". There will be plenty to laugh about, to marvel at and to share with people of all ages and interests. The most important thing an individual can do today is not to remain alone. That's why Berlin jazz pianist Christoph Reuter will be joining us to get the whole room moving. It is difficult to save the world on a voluntary basis as long as others are destroying it full-time. You can despair about that Eckart v. Hirschhausen recommends: Laugh. Be smart. Open your mouth. The evening in the Montabaur town hall is the only guest performance in Rhineland-Palatinate 2024. If you haven't seen it with your own eyes - what will you see?

Brief description

A humorous evening for more personal and planetary health.

Contact and directions

Ederstraße 31
56410 Montabaur