E-bike charging station at the village community centre in Giesenhausen


The use of the charging station is free of charge.

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Brief description

Dorfgemeinschaftshaus, Hauptstraße 22 57612 Giesenhausen # This text was translated with

Hint / Advice

E-bike batteries can only be charged with their own charger, as there are no chargers available on site.

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Detailed description

The e-bike charging station is located at the village hall in Giesenhausen.
It is an outdoor station.
The charging station is accessible around the clock.

Particularly practical: while you are charging the battery, you can take a break on the riders' bench opposite and explore the next stations of the "Hachenburger Westerwald" cycle route on the free public W-LAN of the local community.

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Contact and directions

Hauptstraße 22
57612 Giesenhausen