E-bike charging station at the municipality of Hachenburg

The locker system is manufactured by the company "Ziegler". The system contains 6 lockers, each of which is equipped with a standard 230 V "Schuko socket". This means that in addition to electric vehicles such as e-bikes and e-scooters, small electrical devices such as mobile phones can also be charged in the lockers. Of course, the lockers can also be used simply as a secure place to store general items such as rucksacks or cycle helmets. The lockers are locked and opened with a numerical code that you choose yourself. To charge electric vehicles, the charger is plugged into the locker and fed out through the cable opening in the door. By locking the door, the charger is secured and can be connected to the vehicle. You must carry your own charger.

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Brief description

Municipal Administration Hachenburg, Gartenstraße 11 57627 Hachenburg

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Opening hours

Use is possible at any time.

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Contact and directions

Gartenstraße 11
57627 Hachenburg