Duo Camillo

You can look forward to an entertaining evening.


Darling, I've shrunk the church!
Musical cabaret with DUO CAMILLO

Small is beautiful! Or is it? At the very least, the wonderful sentence "I love you" is no longer uttered as often in Germany as the sentence "Do you have a Payback card?" And who is actually to blame for the fact that so much is shrinking in our unrestrained growth society: the feeling of happiness, trust in politics, the contents of jelly bear bags ... and even the church?

In their new programme "Darling, I've shrunk the church", Duo Camillo embark on a highly entertaining search for clues: Where does the inflation of ideals come from - and where can you stick yourself to stop it? The two Frankfurt verbal acrobats particularly like to deal with the varieties of faith in their rousing songs and lyrics. Anti-shrinkage therapy in a class of its own!

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You can look forward to an entertaining evening.

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Im Schützenhof 10
57567 Daaden