Dreifelder Weiher

Brief description

With a total area of 123 hectares, the Dreifelder Weiher is the largest water body in the Westerwald lake district.

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It extends over a length of 2,000 m and is up to 800 m wide. The main tributary of the pond is the Wied, which rises about 2 km northeast of Linden trees. The landscape around the Dreifelder Weiher offers the vacationer beautiful forest passages, wonderful forest edges, lonely banks and great views. Whether swimming, sunbathing, rowing or pedal boating - there is something for all romantics, beach holidaymakers and water sports enthusiasts. A hiking trail with 16 information boards explains many interesting facts about geology, flora, fauna, country and people.

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Seeburger Straße 1
57629 Steinebach an der Wied