Die Olchis und der Schmuddelhund

Great fun for Olchi fans

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Koblenz puppet shows

For children aged 3 and over

Slime, mud and dog poop! Great fun for Olchi fans.

The Olchi children think their pets are boring as hell today.

Firechair is asleep, the rats are dozing and the flies are dropping dead on the floor.

How wonderful that a dog turns up at the garbage dump right now!

He can even do tricks and loves digging in the dirt . . .

The production also contains parts of the book

"The strongest Olchis in the world"

The Olchis are a three-generation family consisting of grandparents, parents and three children. The Olchis are small and green, have three horns on their heads and a big nose. The family, all of whom have no names, live together in a cave on the garbage tip in Schmuddelfing.

The Olchis love everything that people find disgusting: they eat shoe soles and screws, drink stinky broth and bicycle oil, bathe in mud and can't stand order.

Brief description

Great fun for Olchi fans

Contact and directions

Im Sportzentrum 8
57610 Altenkirchen