Dachschiefergrube "Assberg"

Brief description

The historic roof slate quarry Assberg likely to have been the largest and oldest slate quarry of the Westerwald.

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Detailed description

It consists of an open pit of about 240 m length and 70 m width and a well attainable over stairs mine 20 meters underground. The latter has a fantastic acoustics and offers due to its special atmosphere and silence as the ideal place for an exceptional Meditaion on.

In Stolleneingang richly illustrated information panels span from the first mention of the mine in 1548 to extremely exciting story of its rediscovery end of last century. This gives a clear insight into the hard work of the miners and the outstanding mysteries of ancient pit, with their slates among others the roofs of the monastery Marienstatt and the Hachenburger castle were covered.

The freely accessible pit is part of the Geopark Westerwald-Lahn-Taunus. It lies just off Westerwaldsteig, Marie hiking and climbing Druids. Also it can be from the near Limbach on four LIMBACHER ROUNDS hike (circular routes 21,25,33 and 36).

Group tours are available on request.

Anytime freely accessible
Admission free!

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