Catholic Church Herborn - St. Petrus

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The Catholic church was newly built in 1959.

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The Catholic church in Herborn was rebuilt in 1959 as a result of the growth of the parish due to the influx of many displaced persons. St. Peter was chosen as the patron saint, as Herborn's first church in the Middle Ages also bore his name and St. Peter can still be seen in Herborn's coat of arms today. Here on the church forecourt he is immortalised in a statue. Inside the church, the sweeping chancel rounding and the statue of the Virgin Mary made of shell limestone as well as the colourfully glazed dew chapel are worth seeing. The many windows depict numerous symbols: In addition to a dedication to the Mother of God, there are the attributes of St Peter as well as the Incarnation, Death, Resurrection, Ascension and Mission of the Holy Spirit to discover.

Text: Catholic Parish Zum Guten Hirten an der Dill

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