Car park Sailing and Rowing Club Bischoffen


The parking fees for each parked vehicle, including VAT, are daily from Monday to Sunday from 8 a. m. to 10 p. m.

up to 30 minutes: 0,50 €

up to 1 hour: 1,00 €

up to 2 hours: 2,00 €

up to 3 hours: 3,00 €

up to 4 hours: 4,00 €

up to 5 hours: 5,00 €

over 5 hours: 8,00 €

If you visit Lake Aartalsee on a more regular basis, our annual parking card may be worthwhile for you. It is valid for 365 days, not personal and can therefore also be used in second cars.

The annual parking card is available for € 60. 00 in the town hall, room 4, ground floor or can also be sent to you by post (plus € 2. 50 shipping fee). The order is also possible under the phone number +49 6444 9231-11 or by eMail.

Detailed description

Chargeable parking near the Aartalsee.

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Brief description

Chargeable parking near the Aartalsee.

Contact and directions

Am Aartalsee
35649 Bischoffen