Brief description

The Burggarten (castle garden) is located within sight of the Castle.

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Detailed description

Originally reserved for the use of nobility, it now provides a relaxing little oasis for everyone, but provides a favourite backdrop for a variety of cultural events. Imposing trees line the dreamy paths, works of art inspire visitors‘ imaginations, and the mini-golf course on the northern side of the park and the beautifully laidout playground can provide hours of enjoyment.

Embedded into the eastern portion of the Burggarten, the Landschaftsmuseum Westerwald awaits your visit on premises consisting of eight lovingly arranged historical houses. These typical Westerwald timber-frame houses contain exhibits that bear witness to the traditions and hard daily life of the common people of the Westerwald. How people lived and worked under the same roof, which was a typical pattern of living in the Westerwald right up to 1960, is shown here graphically. A barn, a bakery and an oil mill bring visitors right back into the self-suffi cient lives of local farmers.

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