Burg Museum of Local History and Industry

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Cooker and oven museum, cobbler's workshop, schoolroom and memories of the expellees.

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In the former town hall of Burg, built in 1928, the local history society of Burg has compiled a very lively documentation of the history of Burg. One focus is on the development of iron extraction and processing, the emergence and development of the Burger ironworks, the presentation of historical cookers and ovens and the development of kitchen technology. The cooker and oven museum is located in the basement. The town of Burg and its inhabitants have always been closely connected with the Burgerhütte (Burger Ironworks). Thus, over the past 30 years, the Burg local history society has made it its business to collect and exhibit "JUNO" cookers and ovens. Artfully cast stoves, some of them over 100 years old, are the pride and joy of the association. On the top floor, the history of Burgen is presented in various rooms, both past and present, e.g. about the former castle complex (royal court) and the 650-year-old church. Visitors will also find old views of Burger houses and streets, many photos of people and events, a complete cobbler's workshop, a school class with desks from the demolished school building, the table including post boxes from the former Burger post office, a 1950s-style office with many photos and documentation from everyday life at the Burgerhütte and a collection of office machines right up to the booking machine. The documentation of flight and expulsion after the Second World War is also an important concern of the Heimatverein Burg. In cooperation with the Egerländer Gmoi z'Herborn, the exhibition "Home Lost - Home Gained" was created. 13,200 people arrived in Burg in 1946 after their expulsion. After staying in the camp in the Burgerhütte (Burger ironworks), the Sudeten Germans found a new home in what is now the Lahn-Dill district after many hardships.

Translated with DeepL (www.deepl.com).

Text: Stadtmarketing Herborn


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