Bücherei KÖB St. Mauritius u. Gefährten Niederfischbach

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After there had already been a library service in Niederfischbach from 1899 to around 1965 with the support of the Borromäus Association, the Catholic Public Library of St. Mauritius and Companions was reopened at its current location in 1981 after renovation of the parish centre. In 2018, the room was extensively renovated with new light-coloured wall paint and flooring as well as modern LED lighting, so that visitors can browse through the collections in a friendly atmosphere.

The Borromäusverein e.V. is the umbrella organisation of Catholic public libraries (KÖB) in Germany outside Bavaria. The association was founded in Bonn in 1845, its patron saint is St. Charles Borromeo (1538 - 1584). On behalf of the 15 member dioceses, the Borromäusverein supports the library departments of the dioceses as well as the KÖBs, among other things, through media recommendations, training and further education as well as offers to promote reading. Our local library is financially supported by subsidies from the responsible body, the parish of St. Mauritius and Companions, the diocese, the local community and the state of Rhineland-Palatinate, as well as by donations and fees. The concept of the KÖBs is that the media offer can be used equally by everyone. Therefore, there are no membership fees or annual fees, only late fees for late returns are charged.

Since the 1980s, readers in Niederfischbach have been able to borrow a wide range of media. This offer is subject to constant change and is always adapted to new developments in user behaviour. Novels for adults, youth and children's books for various ages, picture books for the little ones as well as board games are available for loan. The range of magazines has also proven its worth; among 16 subscriptions on site, one can choose from various subject areas, such as history, cooking, sewing, gardening.
From the beginning until the early 2010s, it was possible to browse through a very large selection of non-fiction books. With the spread of the internet, this section has lost importance, so that only selected non-fiction books can be found on the shelves, especially in the cookbook, home and garden and general leisure sections. In addition, there are several titles in the area of regional literature, where the usual age limit for books of about five years does not apply before they are replaced by current ones. After all, some of the literature from the homeland can hardly be found anywhere else. In the area of religion, too, families will find a lot to help them, for example on holidays, but also on topics such as death and mourning.

Since 2018, the range of media available on site has been expanded by the option of the online library. After activation, customers can additionally choose from more than 22,000 digital media (e-books, e-audios, e-journals, e-daily newspapers). This added value is available for a small annual fee of €12.

In addition to general lending on the usual opening days, one focus of the library's work is on promoting reading. For example, primary school children can regularly drop in to borrow books in the morning. In addition, they receive their Bibfit reading compass at extra class events and thus know their way around the bookshelves very well. Since 2008, the library has taken part in the Rhineland-Palatinate Summer of Reading for 6- to 16-year-olds, during which many adventures can be experienced in the head during and around the summer holiday period. Since 2022, there has been a complementary summer of reading aloud in Rhineland-Palatinate, in which younger children can also take part.
The local daycare centres also take advantage of the opportunity once a month, coming by with the children to read aloud and borrow books, or are visited by the team.

For non-mobile reading enthusiasts, there is a delivery service once a month; by arrangement, desired books are brought home.
Events should not be missing from the library's offer, therefore readings, lectures and also concerts are scheduled in the neighbouring parish hall, depending on the possibilities.

The entire library service is provided on a voluntary basis. At present, 22 team members between the ages of 13 and 81 give part of their free time to ensure that everything runs smoothly. In 2022, about 1700 hours were spent on various activities. To make sure that the work doesn't lead to a lack of socialising, there is, for example, a team outing or a songwriter's evening to compensate. Interested supporters are welcome to contact us at any time - a task will certainly be found for them.

Brief description

The ideal place for all bookworms is the library KÖB St. Mauritius und Gefährten Niederfischbach. It is located right next to the Siegerland Cathedral in the centre of the local community.

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Rothenbergstraße 9
57572 Niederfischbach