Nature lovers get their money's worth here. “Unique in the Westerwald”, says biotope supervisor Markus Kunz from Hachenburg. The dam, which belongs to the district of Waigandshain, is a special gem with rare animal and plant species. The name goes back to the old settlement Breitenbach, which had its place between Waigandshain and Emmerichenhain, below the current dam wall. This settlement was abandoned in 1565. The last residents settled in Waigandshain, which is why the district was also added to the neighboring village. In a description from 1843, the pond measured 76 acres at that time, making it the largest standing body of water in the Rennerod district of Nassau at the time. The body of water is mentioned for the first time in 1569. It was used by the sovereign as a fish pond. The management was in the hands of fishermen and pond graves. In 1675 the pond delivered three hundredweight of carp to the farm in Hadamar. After 1791 many of these fish ponds were drained to make hay here. The Breitenbacher Weiher was initially excluded from this. In 1828 it was still 75 acres in area. In the second half of the 19th century, however, it was drained. In 1952 the area became the property of the municipality of Waigandshain. It was supposed to be used for fish farming again, was dammed again from 1963 and on October 17, 1964 the first fishing festival took place. The fishing club Nistertal Emmerichenhain 1969 e.V. has been the leaseholder of the Breitenbach dam since 1977. Anglers still enjoy the idyllic spot on earth - just like nature and hiking enthusiasts.

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Nature lovers get their money's worth here.

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56477 Waigandshain


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