Bodega Wine Cellar Dillenburg

Welcome to our wine cellar!

Our own little bodega in DER-DIE-DAS (Wine tastings, advice and sales).

Here we offer wines from the winegrowers' cooperative in Kallstadt (Pfalz), as well as selected European wines.

Oranier Wilhelmstropfen

The Oranien Wilhelmstropfen is our own bottling. Up to now we have four different wines of this bottling in our programme.

OWT 1 : Rivaner feinherb

OWT 2 : Rose sweet

OWT 3 : Dornfelder fine off-dry

OWT 4 : Syrah dry

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Brief description

Wine tastings, advice and sales

Opening hours

Wine tastings by arrangement and booking for four to eight people.

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Wine tasting

In our wine cellar, the selected wines can of course also be tasted in the form of a wine tasting, for a group of 4-8 people. We distinguish between three different types of tasting:

1. wine tasting classic (with bread) 28€ p.p.

2. special wine tasting (with bread, cheese, antipasti, salmon etc.) 34€ p.p.

3. wine tasting European, only dry red wines (with tapas) 35€ p.p.


Current range and price lists are available directly at DER-DIE-DAS or on request by e-mail. The prices are in Euro, incl. bottle and sparkling wine tax as well as the legal VAT. Should a vintage be sold out, we reserve the right to supply a subsequent vintage. With the publication of a new price list, all previous price lists lose their validity.

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