Big Band der Bundeswehr Pe-swingt

The Bundeswehr Big Band with Pe Werner

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Pe Werner is without doubt one of the most distinguished German-speaking jazz singers and composers. The grande dame and word acrobat of the German singer and songwriter scene has written countless songs - many of which have already achieved cult status.

The collaboration with the Big Band of the German Armed Forces is no coincidence and an excellent choice. With this show and entertainment orchestra - with the full line-up of a classic big band - you not only experience first-class soloists, musical and technical perfection and exuberant joy of playing, but also a jazz club atmosphere that immediately catapults you back to the big band era.

Incidentally, Pe Werner is in the best of company with her clear commitment to swing music. Many national and international artists have also been inspired by this genre and encouraged to imitate it. There is hardly any better proof: swing music and the big band sound are simply immortal. And of course, no one will be left without the famous "tingling in the stomach" on this evening.

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The Bundeswehr Big Band with Pe Werner

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