Bathing beach and lake terrace Aartalsee Bischoffen

Brief description

The bathing area is open during the summer months.

Detailed description

In the area of the Seeterrasse restaurant, the bathing area invites you to dive into the refreshing waters of our beautiful lake. Relax at our bathing area with sunbathing lawn and enjoy sunny days in the midst of nature, surrounded by gentle, green hills and the glitter of the sun's rays on the water - a beautiful place to escape from everyday life and unwind.

Please note:

"Use of the bathing area is at your own risk. There is no water supervision . Parents or accompanying persons must take care of their children or persons in their care and are liable for them. Access to the bathing area is only possible via the marked entrances. Jumping into, pushing into or throwing other people into the bathing area is not permitted. Jumping into the bathing area, especially headfirst, is prohibited due to the particular danger involved."

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Text: Gemeinde Bischoffen

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