Ausstellung mit kinetischen Objekten Dillenburg

Installation of organic objects by Christoph Steeger.

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"Intruders" The installation of organic objects by Christoph Steeger are disturbances in the Wilhelminian architecture of Villa Grün. With their joy of colour, their biological forms, their swelling and ebbing movements and their expansive size, they enliven the building with a cheerful spirit, sometimes prickly, sometimes round, sometimes plump, sometimes flaccid but always changing. And because Steeger's objects also have a technical core, they are related in content to the history of technical achievements and to the exhibits on permanent display in the Museum of Economics. The kinetic objects do not symbolise utility, rather they are an expression of the cycles of life, of becoming and passing away, of poetry.

Translated with DeepL (www.deepl.com).

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Installation of organic objects by Christoph Steeger.

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