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Children's musical by the Freie Bühne Neuwied

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Free stage Neuwied

For children aged 5 and over!

Lord Buffel is actually the good-natured lord of the castle. However, many, many years ago there was a quarrel with the wicked witch Joranda of Harmthworth!

As the quarrel got worse and worse, the witch put a curse on Lord Buffel and his daughter Agatha. Since then, the two have had to live as ghosts in the castle and Lord Buffel has been particularly badly affected, as he has also been turned into a dog. The two of them only have one chance to live happily as humans again. They have to scare someone so badly that the castle's tower clock stops for at least a minute. Unfortunately, people don't get lost in the castle very often.

Salvation seems close at hand when a couple turn up at the castle who have had a car breakdown and are now looking for shelter in the castle.

Will the two ghosts succeed in scaring them so badly that the tower clock stops?

The children's musical by the Freie Bühne Neuwied is a comedy for the whole family, in which things get pretty turbulent. Many songs are woven into the plot and form the musical framework for this play with actors and large puppets.

The actors are: Tammy Sperlich and Boris Weber

Puppet construction: Barbara and Günther Weinhold

Stage: Claudia Mohr

Stage construction: Jörg Hartmann

Music: Bernd Höfer

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Children's musical by the Freie Bühne Neuwied

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Im Sportzentrum 8
57610 Altenkirchen