700 Jahre Friedewald - Märchen, Met & Minneklang

"Experience the Middle Ages"

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Schlossstraße and the side streets involved are closed during the event. There is an absolute stopping ban in the town centre. Suitable car parks are signposted! A shuttle bus will run regularly to all car parks!

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"Experience the Middle Ages"


700 years of Friedewald
Fairy tales, mead & Minneklang
Friedewald/Westerwald celebrates its 700th anniversary with a spectacular festival weekend
Friedewald, an idyllic village with a rich medieval history in the middle of the High Westerwald, invites locals and visitors alike to an unforgettable experience and celebrates its anniversary with a breathtaking festival weekend under the motto "700 years of Friedewald". This extraordinary event, which will take place from 14 - 16 June, promises to be a true feast for the senses, with a focus on family entertainment and medieval flair.
The event will kick off on Friday evening, 14 June, with the Great Festival Merrymaking in the grounds of Friedewald Castle. In addition to entertainment for the whole family, visitors will be welcomed by a wealth of culinary delights, including suckling pig, flamed salmon and fresh draught beer. For all football fans, there will also be a public viewing of the opening game of the European Championship following the opening event.

The medieval market on 15 and 16 June promises to be an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. The market will allow visitors to travel back in time and immerse themselves in the atmosphere and magic of the Middle Ages. A spectacular festival with hand-picked stalls and attractions for young and old, the best artists of the medieval scene, the great fire spectacle, as well as the stalls of craftsmen and traders offer medieval hustle and bustle at its very best. Families and children in particular take centre stage when the motto is: "Experience the Middle Ages"! You can buy all kinds of goodies for your home: Handmade wooden items, homemade soap, embroidered garments and silver jewellery, wool and much more. Performing crafts that take visitors back in time can be found throughout the market. The coarse blacksmith at the blazing forge, the fine silversmith forging rings, the coffin maker making armour, the bronze foundry, bead weaving, glass blowing and the printing press are just some of the craftsmen at the market. A varied gastronomic offer with medieval delicacies awaits visitors. There will be a barbecue and a pig on a spit, delicious flamed salmon, witches' waffles, Viking ice cream and, of course, drinkable mead and medieval beer specialities such as kirsch beer and mead beer. Of course, non-alcoholic drinks will also be served.

Fairy tales, mead & the sound of minstrelsy Special attention will be paid to the melodious musical entertainment, with renowned medieval artists such as "Des Geyers schwarzer Haufen", "Poeta Magica" and "Elster Silberflug" delighting the audience with their authentic music. Other musicians from "Guglhupf", the ensemble "Musica Panacea" and the musical animal "Nashoch Himilsanc" will transport you into the world of minstrels with their sounds. A fire show, jugglers and a storyteller will also find their way to beautiful Friedewald. The brilliant fire show by "Avalon Feuerwelten" on Saturday evening will be a fire show of superlatives. Juggler "Narrenkai" will delight the audience with his comedy juggling and ingenious improvisations. Stories and legends from all over the world will be told in the fairytale tent by storyteller "Shadia" and "Kaija Elfenfee" will wander through the streets of the market with her harp. Children in particular can experience the Middle Ages: from the juggler school to wooden sword making, painting, weaving and crossbow shooting: There are plenty of activities for children. The medieval market in Friedewald offers a rich programme for the whole family and will transport every visitor into the fascinating world of the Middle Ages. Come along and immerse yourself in a world full of adventure and historical flair!

700 years of Friedewald
Friday, 14 June 2024 from 6 p.m. Large festival commerce
Saturday, 15 June 2024 12 - 10 pm Medieval market
Sunday, 16 June 2024 11 am - 6 pm Medieval market

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