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Cycle along the upper stretches of the Wied River to its source

Start: Ingelbach station
Finish: Hachenburg station
Difficulty: average
Distance: 33 km

Route description: From Ingelbach station, after the level crossing turn right onto a tarmacked lane und follow it downhill to Ingelbach. Turn left onto the high street and where the road bends, continue straight ahead onto Mühlenweg and down into the Wied Valley. After crossing the Wied, turn left and continue through the forest and fields to Borod. From here you can follow signs for the“Wied-Radweg” cycle route. The gentle route takes you through the light and open Wied Valley, across the L165 and later up a short incline to Winkelbach. Then it’s quickly back down to the Wied Valley and the Krambergsmühle restaurant (8 km). A narrow path leads between the restaurant buildings. Later on, it is clearly recognisable as the former Selter–Hachenburg railway line. After Höchstenbach and the village of Wied, you can enjoy 5 km of tranquil countryside in the wooded Wied Valley, before reaching Steinebach (14 km) and Schmidthahn and the Dreifelder Weiher lake region around Dreifelden (19 km). To reach the source of the Wied, you need to follow a rather bumpy field path next to the road to Linden and the river source (Wiedquelle) and picnic area (21 km). Here you leave the new signposts and ride to Lochum. From the village centre, follow Waldstraße and Alte Poststraße up to the Gräbersberg tower and loop down to Alpenrod. Keep left by the church in the village centre, then after 200 m turn right onto Dehlinger Weg and follow the “Nister-Radweg” signs to Hachenburg – on a pleasant, curving, flat forest track with the prospect of finding a welcoming place to eat near the attractive market square in Hachenburg.

Attractions: Wahlrod: Marzauer Mühle (water mill) · Höchstenbach: war memorial · Steinebach: Castle ruins in the village centre with picnic area · Dreifelder Weiher lake landscape · Wied river source with picnic area · Gräbersberg tower with refreshments · Hachenburg: market square, Westerwald Farming Museum, Cadillac Museum

Bus & train: Tel. 0 64 31 / 5845 -13 · www.hlb-online.de (only german)


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