All circular hiking trails in the Westerwald

Are you a nature lover looking for new adventures? Then the circular hiking trails in the Westerwald are perfect for you! Step by step, the diversity of this region is revealed as you feel the harmony between man and nature. Whether you're looking for a relaxed family hike or a sporting challenge, you'll find it in the Westerwald. Breathe the fresh air, listen to birdsong and escape from everyday life. The circular hiking trails here are a true paradise for nature lovers like you. 

Discover all circular hiking trails in the Westerwald

21148 km
345 h

Small Wäller "Lion track 3 blue" - Hachenburg - walking trail

2.2 h
8 km
136 hm
0 hm
The oldest water tank in Hachenburg is located along the trail and the Rothbach Grotto invites you to pause and take a deep breath. In the course of the route, there is a wonderful view of Hachenburg with its baroque castle at the so-called "summit cross". Through the district of the old town with the Hachenburg brewery, hop garden and historic ice cellar, you return to the traditional town center with its old market and golden lion on the fountain. Here you can let your soul dangle, before it goes through the castle garden to the finish point.

Hachenburg - water adventure trail

3.0 h
11 km
214 hm
0 hm
We choose the Hachenburger Erlebnisbrauerei as a thematically appropriate starting point and hike towards the Hachenburger Wald. Past the Rothbach grotto, we follow the Rothbach to the brewery's source of brewing water and from there on towards Gehlert. Information boards inform us about the designated water protection area, where there are numerous springs and deep wells around Gehlert. We continue to hike to the Gräbersberg (513 m) and enjoy the wonderful view from the highest point in the Hachenburger Westerwades. The Alpenroder Hütte offers us the opportunity to rest and refreshed, we follow the water adventure trail to the clay pit pond in Alpenrod. The turquoise shimmering pond is idyllically situated in the middle of a forest landscape surrounded by birch trees. After enjoying this natural beauty, we make our way back to Hachenburg along the Alte Poststraße.

Bad Marienberg - Valley of the Black Nister - Hardter Mühle M6

2.8 h
10 km
133 hm
0 hm
Exploration tour on hiking boots in the valley of the Black Nister.

Bad Marienberg - In the footsteps of Sebastian Kneipp (permanent hiking trail 5 km)

1.4 h
5 km
114 hm
0 hm
Permanent hiking trails are circular routes in particularly attractive areas of Germany with route lengths between 5 and 42 kilometres. As a rule, the varied hiking routes are open all year round and are therefore an attractive addition to the hiking days on offer.

Bad Marienberg - In the footsteps of Sebastian Kneipp (permanent hiking trail 10 km)

2.5 h
9 km
176 hm
0 hm

Bad Marienberg: Along the Black Nister and through the Basalt Park - M3

1.8 h
6 km
115 hm
0 hm
The approx. 6 km long circular trail leads along the Black Nister, which flows into the Great Nister in Langenbach after a distance of approx. 13 kilometres. As you continue, you will pass through the Basalt Park with its lake, nature trail and interesting exhibits. Afterwards, you can take a break in one of the beautiful cafés in Bismarckstraße.

Wäller Tour Eisenbachtal (round tour - premium hiking trail)

3.5 h
9 km
157 hm
0 hm
A wonderful trail with undeniable recreational qualities is located northwest of Nomborn in the Eisenbach Valley. Forest and water provide a pleasant microclimate here, especially on hot days. After starting at the hiking parking lot of the Studentenmühle, the trail leads along the Eisenbach through shady woods to the "Bildches Eich". Here, a small forest chapel from 1963 and a hollowed oak tree with a statue of the Virgin Mary from 1830 await the hiker. Back along the Holbach, where two mills invite you to rest at the end of the circular path.

Kleiner Wäller "Basalt + Water" - walking trail

2.0 h
8 km
100 hm
0 hm
My way starts at the parking lot of the Ulmbachtalsperre. Over the dam I walk along the lake into the forest. Soon I discover a geological peculiarity: A comb quartzite cliff - originated from the formerly pure sandy beaches of the Lower Carboniferous period. I follow the Ulmbach over meadow paths and reach the village center of Beilstein with the beautiful basalt castle church from the 17th century. On the left side you will see Beilstein Castle. Once a count's residence, the restored basalt building is now privately owned. My way leads me over the splashing Ulmbach to the BASALT-PARKours, which shows me the many ways of using the stone. On the route of the former Ulmtalbahn railroad, which has been converted into the Ulmtal cycle path, I hike back to the Ulmbach dam, where I can enjoy the idyllic resting places and viewpoints.

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