All circular hiking trails in the Westerwald

Are you a nature lover looking for new adventures? Then the circular hiking trails in the Westerwald are perfect for you! Step by step, the diversity of this region is revealed as you feel the harmony between man and nature. Whether you're looking for a relaxed family hike or a sporting challenge, you'll find it in the Westerwald. Breathe the fresh air, listen to birdsong and escape from everyday life. The circular hiking trails here are a true paradise for nature lovers like you. 

Discover all circular hiking trails in the Westerwald

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Westerwald-Steig Stage 13: Flammersfeld - Horhausen (East - West)

4.1 h
15 km
331 hm
236 hm
From Flammersfeld, the Westerwald-Steig trail continues on a via ferrata and past the viewing point at Döttesfeld to the Grenzbach Valley. The roughly 12 kilometre long valley connects the districts of Neuwied and Altenkirchen. Here, at the Hölderstein mountain, advanced climbers will find another highlight of the Westerwald-Steig trail – a climbing route which leads to an idyllic vantage point overlooking the Grenzbach Valley. Alternatively, you can take another steep path down into the Grenzbach Valley.

Westerwald-Steig Stage 9: Hachenburg - Limbach (East - West)

2.9 h
11 km
116 hm
248 hm
The trail leaves the town through the gardens of Hachenburg Castle. It continues down into the second Holzbach gorge on the Westerwald-Steig trail. The trail follows the edge of Nister to the mill, which Konrad Adenauer used as a hiding place during the Nazi era. Following the river, the trail soon arrives at Marienstatt Abbey. It then passes Streithausen to reach the Kleine Nister River, which follows the path as far as Limbach, where there is a local museum to visit.

Westerwald-Steig Stage 5: Westerburg - Freilingen (East - West)

5.2 h
20 km
321 hm
314 hm
Where castle dwellers lived, colourful meadow valleys proliferate and glittering water surfaces seduce. Hidden beauties. I stroll through the narrow streets of the upper town and discover masterful half-timbered houses, such as the beautiful Burgmannenhaus, or the stained glass windows in the choir of the old castle church. In the museum of traditional costumes of yesteryear, I encounter the simple and hard life of times gone by, and I am glad that I am walking on foot out of desire and not out of necessity. My detour to the nearby Wiesensee immediately gives me holiday feelings. The lake is pure idyll! I will follow the train of fair-weather clouds in the sky and look forward to being accompanied on my hike again and again by the quiet blue of numerous ponds and lakes. The landscape now shows the charm of gentle mountain tops, extensive meadow valleys and sparse deciduous forests. A nature with a special charisma! Perhaps it is precisely because of this that numerous places of pilgrimage have developed here in the Westerwald. Not far from Westerburg, a pilgrimage church has been built in honour of the Virgin Mary. The Liebfrauenkirche puts me in a cheerful mood and I discover the beautiful interior. I will encounter a piece of heaven on earth here again and again. Heavenly beautiful, but of a completely different nature, is the Westerwald lake district. A real stroke of luck for summer visitors, bathers and nature lovers. Here I just want to drift, forget time and play in the water with my bare feet. Please note that there are currently no refreshment stops or hotels in Freilingen! We recommend Gasthof "Zum Seeweiher" in Dreifelden (Tel. 02666/643,, which is another approx. 4 km from Freilingen.If these additional kilometres are too long for you, we recommend leaving the WesterwaldSteig shortly after Himburg and following the main hiking trail II (white II on black background) to Dreifelden.

Westerwald-Steig Stage 6: Freilingen - Nistertal (East - West)

4.9 h
19 km
175 hm
290 hm
This stage of the trail begins at Freilingen, passing the Postweiher lake and leading along the Dreifelder Weiher lake on its way to Dreifelden. At Linden, the Westerwald-Steig arrives at the source of the River Wied. It continues through beech forest over the Großer Weißenstein mountain to the Gräbersberg mountain. Have a rest at the Alpenroder hikers' hut and enjoy the panoramic view from the viewing tower. A particular jewel of this stage of the trail is Stöffel Park, a geological and industrial theme park, situated between Nistertal, Enspel and Stockum-Püschen. It's worth giving yourself plenty of time to visit the theme park.

Westerwald-Steig Stage 3: Fuchskaute - Rennerod (East - West)

2.3 h
9 km
55 hm
91 hm
Passing the Fuchskauten-Scheune restaurant and guesthouse, the trail leads downhill along the slopes at the edge of the forest until it reaches Rehe and the recreation area at the Krombach dam. It then follows a disused railway line as far as the Alsberg military barracks, passing the Hexenbaum, the Botterweck basalt boulder and the three emperor oak trees, before reaching Rennerod.

Westerwald-Steig Stage 14: Horhausen - Strauscheid (East - West)

5.2 h
17 km
494 hm
564 hm
The history of ore mining is brought to life in Horhausen and its surroundings. A bronze statue of one of the famous sons of the city, Cardinal Joseph Höffner, archbishop of Cologne for many years, stands in the courtyard of the neo-Romanesque church in the centre of Horhausen. The social reformer Chaplain Friedrich Dasbach and Johannes Rüth, who became a bishop in Norway, were also born in Horhausen. The landscape in the Rhine-Westerwald nature park is characterised mainly by the romantic River Wied, a tributary of the Rhine. Wide valleys, hills, slopes and wooded areas are all typical of the Wied Valley. The highest point in the municipality of Neustadt is the 351.5m high volcanic cone of the Bertenauer Kopf.

Westerwald-Steig Stage 1: Herborn - Breitscheid (East - West)

4.8 h
16 km
506 hm
216 hm
The first stage of this trail starts in Herborn's market square and leads around the Dollenberg mountain into the Ambach Valley and on to Neuhaus. The trail continues through the Donsbach Valley, then follows the bird park to Uckersdorf, where it leaves the village in the direction of Gonkelrain. It climbs over the Kramberg and continues along the slopes of the Mühlberg mountain to Erdbach, with its 'Zeitsprünge' museum. Highlights of the tour are the Große and Kleine Steinkammer caves between Erdbach and Breitscheid, as well as the 'Herbstlabyrinth' limestone caves just before Breitscheid.

Westerwald-Steig Stage 4: Rennerod - Westerburg (East - West)

4.3 h
16 km
202 hm
288 hm
The trail passes right by the Secker Weiher lakes, which lie between Rennerod and Westerburg. On the banks of the largest lake there is a campsite with restaurant. The main attraction of this stage of the trail is the Holzbach gorge, which begins near the Dappricher Hof café near Seck. The gorge is about one kilometre long and almost 20 metres deep. Broken up basalt boulders and fallen trees give the narrow valley its wild and romantic character.

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